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School Infrastructure Improvement Loans

Thinking of constructing a new academic block, buying desks or upgrading facilities at your school library, computer lab or sports facility Avail our loans


School Working Capital Loans

Cash flow mismatches prevent you from paying your overheads on time? Avail loans that are customised to your academic calendar


Teacher Capacity Building Loans

To stay abreast of the ever-evolving state of education, school teachers can avail loans to invest in professional development or build capacity for private classes


School Vendor Loans

We help finance vendors who supply essential products and services to schools, ensuring a consistent supply of quality resources for your students


School Fees Loans For Parents

Financial constraints hindering your child’s pursuit of quality education? We have loans targeted at parents to help them fund their child’s primary and secondary education.


Study Abroad Loans

Make your child’s dream of pursuing higher studies at reputed institutes abroad a reality by availing our loans



EdFina School eXCEL

An ‘All-in-one’ platform for four great services that schools can use .COVID-proof your school by transforming it into an e-School with our ‘All in one platform’ EdFina School eXCEL. Four great services to make your offline to online transition worry-free
  • School Management System
  • Learning Management System
  • Fees Collection
  • Admissions Management