The challenge faced before the school availed our education finance loan product

Availability of funds for its mega project was proving to be a problem as loan from other banks were not being structured according to the school’s academic calendar.

The loan product availed

EdFin Asset – a school infrastructure improvement loan was availed. The first loan was for N 1.5 million on 31st May 2019 while the second loan was for N 3.2 million disbursed on 4th March 2020.

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Student centric infrastructure enhancement: The ICT lab with 10 new laptops

School Metrics


No. of School Students


No. of Class Teachers


No. of Classrooms

30,000 Naira

Annual School Fees

Creche, Nursery to Primary (Std. I to VI)

Education Provided

Usage of funds

The first loan was used to purchase 10 desktop computers and 10 laptops for the ICT labs in its 2 branches, while the latter one taken in May 2019 was used for fixing 2 boreholes for the 2 branches and for renovation of the school toilets. It also installed a water system to give students access to clean drinking water on its premises.

How the School benefited

Edfin Asset Loan is well structured to meet a school’s cashflow cycle. In other words, repayments of instalments are aligned to the time when schools usually receive their school fees i.e. at the beginning of each term. Availing the loan helped the school purchase equipment and undertake timely renovation work which helped it boost the perception of the school in the minds of parents.

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