The challenge faced before the school availed our education finance loan product

Due to late payments of school fees by parents, Joach Standard International School was in a tight spot to its teachers on time. This had a detrimental effect on the morale of the teaching staff and their alacrity to teach. Students therefore weren’t experiencing an environment conducive for learning.

The loan product availed

Edfin Flow – a school working capital bridge loan product. Joach availed a loan amount of N 1.5 million; which was disbursed on 22nd of August, 2019.

Joach Standard International School – Bridging Working Capital challenges

Students of Joach Standard International School

School Metrics


No. of School Students


No. of Class Teachers


No. of Classrooms

45,000 Naira

Annual School Fees

Creche, Nursery to Senior Secondary

Education Provided

Usage of funds

The loan amount helped the school to equip its computer lab with a total of 8 Desktop computers and 6 laptops. In addition to this, the loan amount came in handy for the renovation of school’s science laboratory, toilets and classrooms.

How the School benefited

The timely disbursal of the loan from EdFin Microfinance Bank (within 10 days) helped Joach Standard International to set right its temporary cash flow mismatches, and ensure teachers, who are central to a school imparting quality education, are paid their salaries on time. Now the teachers have their enthusiasm and more in place to WOW! their students in every class and make learning truly an enjoyable experience.

School Working Capital Loans

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