School Infrastructure Improvement Loan

We understand the importance of schools being centres for imparting education. The school environment, be it in the form of quality of buildings, classroom infrastructure and amenities for students, play a crucial role in determining not just how education is imparted but also help you in gaining more admissions, improve attendance and receptiveness of students to the education being imparted. Better the infrastructure and amenities, better would be the perception of your school in terms of comfort, hygiene, safety and quality.

Our School Infrastructure Improvement Loans will help your education institute create that comfortable environment that is congenial to learning for your students.

Applicability: If you are a play school, low cost private school, coaching institute, vocational training centre or college, these loans would help you in meeting your capital expenditure requirements such as:
  • Purchase of land for your school, be it for academic blocks or for playgrounds
  • Construction of new buildings or purchase of pre-constructed buildings for additional classrooms
  • Construction and set up of libraries, computer labs, science labs, sports facilities and washrooms.
  • Construction and set up of canteens, administrative office, hostels and staff quarters.
  • Purchase of new furniture such as benches, desks, tables, chairs etc.
  • Purchase of library books, laboratory equipment, computers, smart boards, laptops, tablets, sanitaryware, pipes and fittings, sports goods and electrical fittings, among others
  • Renovation and refurbishment of existing infrastructure
  • Expansion by setting up branches in other localities or new cities
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