School Vendor Loan

In line with our customer value proposition of not just being financers to schools, but partnering with the school ecosystem to take it forward and pull out all stops to access the best resources for students, we have loans customized to meet the financial requirements of vendors supplying to schools. Imagine if you are a uniform maker and a school has placed a requirement of 4 different types of sports jerseys for over 2000 students for its Sports Day. It’s great business! But what if you are facing a cash constraint that is hindering you from fulfilling this order on time? Or, you may be a bus operator and due to your school customer opening a branch in another locality, there is a need to provide 8 more buses. Be it purchasing or leasing these buses, you would need access to timely finance.

Our School Vendor Loans will ensure that you would be empowered with the financial wherewithal and guidance to cater to the ever-changing requirements of your school customers on time; making you their reliable partner of choice.

Applicability: This loan is ideal for school vendors such as:
  • Book publishers
  • Uniform makers
  • Transport operators
  • Stationary providers
  • Canteen operators
  • School maintenance contractors
  • Providers of fixed assets such as computers and class equipment, furniture etc.
  • Sports equipment suppliers
  • Education technology companies providing smart classroom solutions or online content resources
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