Teacher Capacity Building Loan

Teachers are at the heart of our education system. The more empowered a teacher is with access to the right tools and resources, the better will be the prospect of them helping students improve their learning outcomes. With technology now becoming integral to classroom pedagogy and upgrades of school curriculum, teachers, perforce, need to invest in their professional development by availing opportunities for capacity building. Moreover, we also understand the widening gap in salary structures for teachers of low-cost private schools versus public and non-low-cost private schools, posing a major constraint in them leading a quality personal life.

Our Teacher Capacity Building Loans are aimed at helping teachers with the financial means to make their lives more fulfilling. We believe that a ‘Happy Teacher engenders Better Students’. We also encourage teachers with an entrepreneurial zeal for setting up private coaching centres.

  • For taking up teacher training programmes that will enable teachers to add better value to their classes
  • Certification courses for career progress
  • Personal loan for purchasing consumer durables, home renovation etc.
  • For setting up private coaching centres
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