The challenge faced before the school availed our education finance loan product

Bishops House Schools had begun construction work on a new academic block, but ran out of funds to complete the project in time for adding capacity for the 2020 academic calendar. We did not have the requisite funds to fence our property that would have exposed our students to risk.

The loan product availed

EdFin Asset – A School Infrastructure Improvement Loan for N8m that was disbursed on 19th September, 2019.

Under-construction building before availing our EdFin Asset Loan

The 2 storey building nearing completion before the beginning of the academic year

School Metrics


No. of School Students


No. of Class Teachers


No. of Classrooms

30,000 Naira

Annual School Fees

Creche to Junior Secondary with Coaching classes for supplementary edcuation

Education Provided

Usage of funds

Bishops House used the funds to purchase all the building materials and get contractors to restart work on building the top storey, 8 classrooms which can house 300 students in addition to an office complex. The fencing work was also completed with the loan availed.

How the School benefited

Improved capacity meant increasing the scope for admitting more students. With school amenities improved along with secured fencing, Bishops House Schools is set to create a safe and enjoyable environment for its students that is congenial to learning.The office complex with improved facilities for the teaching staff, will help the school in attracting the best teaching talent into its fold.

Making Bishops House Schools a safe and enjoyable place for teachers to teach and students to learn

School Infrastructure Improvement Loan

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