We are incorporated in Singapore as Global EdFin PTE Company Ltd., and set up under the aegis of US-based impact investor Gray Matters Capital. As an organization, we have it in our DNA to be venturesome and take bold bets that would help us create social impact in the education ecosystem that is tangible, meaningful and at scale.

“We’ve been funding loans to women in India for nearly two decades through micro-finance. 9 years ago, I asked one of my women customers how they invested their savings. Most said “On my child’s Education”. This was the driving force behind us creating and sustaining the school finance industry” - BobPattillo, Founder,Gray Matters Capital

With EdFina, we are not just looking at replicating the success of Gray Matters Capital’s school finance initiative in Africa, South and South East Asia, but building on the learnings of the last one decade to get to understand the needs and challenges our education sector stakeholders better and come up with innovative products and service offerings to help them meet these needs and overcome the challenges. EdFina has been setup as a vehicle to achieve the objectives of providing access to education and improving the quality of education leading to better employability. EdFina will follow a Consultative, Collaborative and Partnership approach within Education ecosystem.

EdFina aims to achieve this by
  1. Providing access to finance via lending,
  2. Provide a mechanism to extend world class education resources and tools to students, teachers and schools which are otherwise inaccessible or unaffordable.
 EdFina intends to provide these resources at an affordable price point by reducing the cost of theentire ecosystem.

EdFina aims to achieve these objectives sustainably, by earning with the ecosystem, and not off it.

Our entities

A Delhi based Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) that was set up in 2009 and is the first company in the world to exclusively fund education institutions to meet their infrastructure requirements and the first niche financier to affordable private schools (APS) in India.

The bank was established in Lagos in 2019 and is focused solely on funding the education eco-space in Nigeria by aiming to positively disrupt the standard and quality of education in the country by providing the education sector with access to financial resources and services.

A Non-Banking Finance Company (NBFC) established in 2020 in Lahore with the objective of providing education finance services to low and middle cost private schools (L&MCPS) in Pakistan, making it the only dedicated financial institution to cater to infrastructure and working capital needs of such schools.

Our Methodology

Provide access to the world class solutions, otherwise Inaccessible or too expensive.

Increase Effectiveness of school management by freeing up resources for growth

Increase efficiency of the school

Reduce the cost of Discovery and acquisition for EdTech companies.

Lower the cost for customer and the entire ecosystem.

Increase the income generation capability of customer-teachers and students

Increase the learning Outcomes for students. Provide access to continued Education for parents.