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While we fund low cost private schools catering to the under-served communities in the developing markets of the world with our school finance loans, the reality is that most students are not in a position to afford their tuition fees. Even if they are kept low, they’d still constitute more than 50% of the salary what the parents earn, forcing them to remain out of the schooling system.


The markets of Nigeria and Pakistan that we serve have the highest and second highest ‘Out-Of-School’ populations in this world.


Your money in the form of grants or CSR funds can help low cost private schools meet their fixed monetary obligations in order to provide necessary amenities for their students to impart quality education.

You can also sponsor the tuition fees for children through scholarships in schools of your choice.


Why should you consider choosing EdFina your preferred channel for your philanthropy?


We’d say for greater accountability. How?


EdFina would provide you with the following:

  • Access to schools and students for assessment and selection of the recipient/s of your funding
  • Periodic reports of the sponsored child’s academic progress


Partner with us to bring a smile on the faces of the under privileged, by gifting them the power of education.

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