With over 5000 students and 275 teachers across 70 branches, Jolabell International Schools’ proprietor Mr. Jolayemi Kazeem is setting himself on an ambitious journey of school branch expansions. In an exclusive interview with EdFina, we try to get to know what drives him to work towards his goal.

My Life before starting Jolabell International Schools

Before I started my school business, I had the yen for studying Petroleum Engineering. Thankfully destiny had other plans for me for which I am till date very thankful as what lay in store was far more fulfilling a course that life took. It was while pursuing my graduation at the Nigerian College of Education (Kwara) did I discover my passion for the field of education – be it teaching or helping my classmates academically. After that I joined as a voluntary intern in De Gift School, Lagos where I picked up the ropes of school management.

What made me start Jolabell International Schools

Let me just put it down to the thrill of identifying a challenge and overcoming it. Getting enrolments is a challenge across schools in Nigeria. I remember writing a letter to the proprietor of the school I interned with promising to help her increase enrolments from 81 students to 150. After achieving this feat, I moved on to another school where I committed to increasing enrolment from 21 to 80 - which I achieved. These two experiences gave me the confidence that I could succeed in the school business. And haven prayed for several months, I felt the conviction to start my own school.

Mr. Jolayemi Kazeem – Leading by example, be it as a teacher or a schoolpreneur

Mr. Jolayemi Kazeem along with Ms. Bunmi Lawson of EdFin Microfinance Bank and students of his school

The challenges I see with respect to the education system in Nigeria that my school is helping to solve

Lack of access to quality education for children from low-income households. This is one major challenge my school is helping to solve by providing quality education to the less privileged.

A glimpse into my regular day in school and my work style

I am involved in the day-to-day running of my school although I have school leaders heading the various branches of the school. This means that I have a schedule for routine visitation across all branches. I also teach in my school to set an example for the other teachers so that they can engage their students better. I believe that setting up the schools has given me a platform to influence students and teachers alike. It is this positive impact that I get to create everyday that makes my life fulfilling.

Joach Standard International School



No. of School Students


No. of Class Teachers


No. of Classrooms

30,000 Naira

Annual School Fees

Creche, Nursery Senior Secondary

Education Provided

Achievements of Jolabell International Schools

I started with the school with 10 students and today I have over 5000 students studying in over 70 branches across Lagos State. That’s validation for the quality of education imparted and the dedication of my academic and administrative staff to provide the best learning environment for the wholesome development of children.

Here’s how Jolabell International Schools are making a difference to the lives of students and to the society as a whole

We make schooling affordable for low-income households. We also give scholarships to students whose parents are unable to pay their school fees. Add to this, we create employment for over 300 graduates who work with us as part of our academic and administrative staff.

The roadmap to the future

I plan to grow my student population from 5000 to 10,000 over the next 5-years. I also want to enable 1000 youths by creating employment for them in my school within this period. To achieve this, I plan to increase my school branches across Lagos metropolis.